openFrameWorks 64bit


I needed a (Windows) 64bit version of openFrameWorks (due to 32bit memory limitations), so I spent a day compiling the dependencies to 64bit and linking everything. Not all the libraries are included, as I didn’t need them all.

Here’s the stripped down version (Windows x64, ~150MB):


  1. Pratik

    Can you please guide me as to how you went about compiling your own version?

  2. harryvermeulen


    I downloaded the latest version of openFrameWorks, then downloaded the source code for the libraries it uses (googled for the libraries in the /libs folder). I compiled the libraries for 64bit and linked the new compiled libraries instead of the original 32bit ones. I switched the openFrameWorks project to 64bit as well, removed the libraries I couldn’t get to compile in 64bit (had to remove quicktime for example, which was ok for me as I wasn’t using video anyway.)

    And that’s pretty much it. Was a lot less hard than I expected. Just took a bit of time to find and compile the included libraries.

    By the way, if you can find pre-compiled 64bit libraries, that also works. But you’ll need the .h files to include into openFrameWorks. You can use the .h files from the source code, or sometimes they come provided with the compiled libraries as well.

    Good luck!


  3. great advice for those not using video. Unfortunately, my project is all about video. While I dont need quicktime components, I do need the videoinput library.

    To make a long story short, I cant compile videoinput (or any directshow based code), and would really like a 64bit compiled lib.

    does anyone have one?

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